Thursday, 16 October 2008

Ruffled Top is Done

So here is the finished top. Cute right?

Well yes, it looks cute FROM THE FRONT. But check out the side and back views:

and tree trunk:Just a bit shapeless for me I'm afraid. I've tried tucking it in and that doesn't really work either so I guess this will have to be put aside for those 'too hot to care' days.

The pattern is V2946, a pattern I have lusted over for ages (my Mum thinks I'm mad and maybe I should listen to her more often). After seeing this review over at Sew Tessuti I decided to buy the pattern and shamelessly rip this top off. I guess you need to be 20 years younger and about 20 kilos lighter to pull off this look! Still I really like the front view and am pleased with myself for all the time I put into french seaming and rolled hemming.

For my next project I have cut out the bow tie version in this pattern from silk yoryu. I will be very put out if this one doesn't work either.


Anonymous said...

Why not baste in a couple of darts in the back and pin on short ties on either side at the waist. Try on and see how this top looks and fits. The front is lovely, your work is beautiful and I would not put this in the back of the closet until my attempts to rescue proved otherwise.

Just a thought

kbenco said...

The ruffle is beautiful. I was reading your blog on bloglines, and thought - vertical front and back darts, please, try darts, and I see I am not the first one! It is so pretty from the front (I notice the Tessuti review only shows the front......)

katherine h said...

I, too, have had my eye on this pattern for a long time. The Vogue picture looks like theirs is a very drapey fabric. I agree with the others...try some back darts. I am always adding back darts to patterns.

Shannon said...

I agree with the previous comments. Definately try a couple of darts in the back and maybe the tie at the waist, or just nip the waist in a little bit at the side seams. I think this top is really cute and still has potential!

Colette said...

Hi there,

It's so frustrating when the patterns don't quite work out as you hope.

I wouldn't give up on this one though. Jackie's looked exactly the same from the side , although her fabric had quit a bit of drape (for a linen).The fabric you choose has a lot to do with it plus the patterns need to be fiddled with to get right. I personally would eliminate the pleat at the back and instead cut it on the fold and take in the side seams a little for more a skimming but loose look. Perhaps a smaller size but longer perhaps?

Another customer has made it in a silk georgette and it looks fab.You could always get another cami pattern or trace one that you have and like the fit of. And add the frill detail down the front?

Hang in's all trial and error.

PS.I'll be trying that pattern too...let you know how I I've got 20 years on Jackie too!!!

mem said...

Hello from Melbourne . I love it from the front . I saw this done by a fabric shop I frequent and they had cut the back on the cross and it looked FANTASTIC so if you have any enthusiasm that might be a solution!!.