Monday, 19 January 2009

McCall's M5597 - The Almost Perfect Skirt

My black A-line skirt needed to be retired so I decided to replace it with a black pencil skirt. I really can't believe I've avoided pencil skirts for so long, they are actually quite flattering on a barge-arse! I used M5597, which modestly refers to itself as 'the perfect suit'. Well I don't know about the rest of the garments, but if the skirt is anything to go by, it's pretty darn good IMHO.
Hmm, I really wanted to get my new shoes into the shot (half price at Nine West), sadly my photographer didn't share my priorities. Conscious that I'm luck to have a photographer on hand at all, I didn't push it
This is the back view and it shows the only design flaw in my belief. I much prefer a vent at the back to a plain split (I mean I don't think the back of anyone's knees are attractive!). I didn't change it as I wanted to see if it would look okay, it does - just not perfect.

Here is an embarrassing insight into my life that illustrates why I like vents. While I understand (but can't comprehend) how FREEZING it is in the northern hemisphere, back here has been the hottest January on record. On Friday it was just shy of 42 degrees (that's around 108 to you fahrenheit people). I have taken to wearing long-line shorts under my skirts for comfort when it's really hot (like shapewear but not so tight). Well, let's just say I regretted that choice when I wore this skirt to work the other day. The shorts don't show below the skirt normally, but when walking they do peek through the split. Not to mention that was the day I got my stiletto stuck in the pavement and pulled off my shoe TWICE! And I've never even done that once before. I am so uncool! Moving right along...
Here's the side view.

This pattern is well drafted, goes together easily and fits really well. It doesn't have a lining which is just weird, so I added one, and I used an invisible zip. I felt there was a touch too much ease in the skirt piece so it's a little ripple-y at the yoke seam, but I think that's because I used a stretch woven, if I'd used wool it probably would have steamed out fine. You might was to check this for yourself if you choose to make one.

PS. Sew4fun, I WISH I was Hugh Jackman's dresser! No, I dressed a couple of the guys in the chorus (both really nice guys), but Hugh was lovely, always friendly and said hello, and never complained when starstruck crew members wanted their photo taken with him. *sigh*


Sew4Fun said...

Just having Hugh say hello is enough. :) You must be getting our heat this summer, as this year is our coolest summer for a while. It's been lovely. :)

Nice skirt too. A black pencil skirt never goes astray.

Linda said...

Great looking and fitting skirt. I understand your feelings about slits!

Susannah said...

Hi Josie

The skirt looks good. I am also coming to the conclusion that pencil skirts (particularly ones that are just slightly 'pegged') are really quite flattering.

I can't understand why so many skirt patterns are made without lining being included. I always line slim fitting skirts now, it makes for a superior garment, and removes the need for wearing a slip.

I also agree with you about vents vs slits in the back of skirts. Vents are a bit fiddlier, but look a bit more 'finished'.

I loved your 'blogversary' post - it was really interesting to read about your background and how you have arrived at where you are now.



Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Your skirt does fit you very well, great choice!
Hugh Jackman..nice!

Tany said...

You look very sharp and elegant in your new skirt, Josie!!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.