Monday, 24 August 2009

Thinking About the Next Challenge

Hi everyone,

I'd like to start out by thanking everyone who commented on my last post, it feels a lot better to know I am not the only one who needs to make more than just the odd 'tweak' to make a pattern fit. I'd especially like to thank Marianne, who is currently going through the same pants-pattern process (nice aliteration!) as I am. Marianne's finished pattern looks a lot like mine, which is a relief to say the least! I love her analogy that commercial patterns are drafted for 'a b-cup butt'!

I still have not made up a final pair of pants, I haven't done any sewing for 2 weeks now. I have been experiencing really low energy for the past few weeks, I feel like I am three-quarters asleep pretty much all the time. What's worse is it makes me really clumsy - I banged my head on my car door on Friday and ended up with a big lump and bruise so I spent most of the weekend sitting around with an ice-pack on my head. I have just started seeing an acupuncturist about my sciatica and he thinks that it is all related and can be fixed at once - I am very excited about that!

Fortunately my physical inactivity has not spilled over into mental inactivity. I am seriously considering entering the PR wardrobe competition that starts on September 1. I have the fabrics, the patterns, the desperate need for clothes. plus the desire and motivation to challenge myself. However I am concerned that I won't have the time or the energy to actually do it. I am currently acting 'as if' I'll be entering, cutting out patterns and pre-washing fabrics, and I have told myself that if I can make a toille of the jacket before Thursday then I'll sign up.

The main issue being that my chosen plan is fairly involved and my time is so limited. Making 11 garments in 12 weeks would likely be a challenge for anyone, and it's well beyond my usual production rate. Plus there is the need to document everything which doesn't take too long, but would steal valuable sewing time.

I've written up a schedule which incorporates 1 hour a day on about three days of the week and 3 hours on a Sunday, this really is the most I can hope to fit in. It sounds like a lot of time, and if I keep everything simple and stick with patterns I know will work without too much fiddling I should be fine, but the jacket I have in mind is a Chanel jacket! There, I've said it! Do you understand my reservations now?

I won't make my final decision until Thursday so stay tuned for the plan! Chances are, if I don't enter I'll sew along anyway.

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ConnieB said...

I hope you enter the wardrobe contest! If I see people working on it who have as low an enery level right now, it might put me in the right frame of mind to do it as well! I can understand the difficulties of time committment though - and a Chanel jacket is very ambitious albiet doable seeing that we have until Nov 30!