Saturday, 19 September 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Hi everyone.

Please don't take my absence as a sign of inactivity (as it normally would be), I can promise you I have been extremely productive! I now have four completed garments for my wardrobe plan, well three plus one skirt needing hand finishing, but no photos or reviews yet. The weather here is still really crappy so I can't get outside to have photos taken and my house looks like a bachelor's pad exploded since my fella has brought over all the belongings he had left at his old house! He has promised me that this weekend he will go through all his "stuff" and decide what to keep and what to toss. Then I just have to find room for it all! Still he actually moved in about four or five months ago so it's about time really.

So, back to the wardrobe plan. While I have completed 40% of my garments, it by no means represents 40% of the workload. I started small. I have made the two skirts and two t-shirts, and they all came out quite well. I promise photos and reviews will happen soon (or else I'll get too far behind!).

I did have some photos taken of me in my toiles (pants and jacket) which was extremely valuable as it made me realise that niether of them are quite 'there' yet. The jacket needs an fba and the pants still need work (curse my fat ass!), but having joined the pork club at work (we weigh in each week and support each other through the 3pm chocolate cravings - and the person who loses least each week gets to have a little stuffed pig on their desk all week) I am putting that off for the time being!

I have cut out the ivory tunic, which will be my next project, and the floral blouse, which will be a snip now I've figured out how to gather on my overlocker (better late than never I suppose). I still can't get it to do coverstitch right though.

I am still not convinced about the pale lemon top. I am almost certain to change the pattern but have realised the fabric doesn't really excite me - it looks like something the Queen Mother would have worn in hospital, so whatever I make will have to be quite special to overcome that. Or I'll have to find a replacement fabric. I have also decided that I will make a navy skirt instead of pants. I just have more of a need for skirts right now.

Here are a couple of dummy shots to prove I have been working!

As soon as the sun comes out I'll get proper photos (as long as my fella doesn't get called into work).

The teal twist top:

Cream ponti-de-roma t-shirt.
Olive a-line skirt:


Rachel said...

Loving that white/cream t-shirt!!!

harbourmaster said...

Jo those two tshirts look so you, I can't wait to see them on. And so beautifully finished! (not that I expect anything less from you hehe) If you change anything with the lemon top I would go with fabric, not design, as the picture looks terribly cute.

Miss you!

Linda said...

Very nice!!!

McVal said...

I hope I get to do some sewing for ME soon! Thanks for the inspiration!
BTW: I've tagged you with an award on my blog!