Sunday, 29 November 2009

Pants-related outfits

Almost there, just the jacket to go...

My dear friend Sarah is always paying me out about how rubbish my photos are. I have an old camera, no garden, my house is still a 'fixer-upper' and I only have a dim courtyard to pose in. So today's photos are shot by Sarah in her garden (garden created by Cam). Thanks Sarah, and I hope you like them better than my normal pics.

Here are all the tops paired with the olive pants.

Sneak preview of the jacket here.

And another look at the jacket! Don't worry it's own review is coming...

So this is the last of the 20 base outfits all of which can also be worn with the jacket. I therefore now have a total of 40 lovely new outfits to wear to work - and I can retire some old favourites. Yay me!


Gail said...

Well done. I particularly like the floral blouse.

sandra said...

I so know what you mean about taking photos. I don't have a single 'blank' wall at home and a backyard that currently houses a huge collection of renovating materials. And the self timer on my camera has to be reset after taking a single photo aaaargh!
But your pics and garments look great by the way!