Sunday, 7 February 2010


I am feeling very unfocussed at the moment. It could be that I am sick of summer and want to get into autumn already or it could be other things but I am just not able to concentrate on anything for any length of time.

I have made zero progress on my gossip girl dress (guess I really do need a deadline!). I've made half a skirt that turned into a wadder and I've been trying to come up with a fix for the bamboo cardigan I made last year, as the neck has stretched out so much it falls off my shoulders. Mental note, next time try knitting-in elastic (not that the pattern mentions this!). Oh yeah, and I've been re-reading all my style books to try and get inspired.

I have plenty of me-time just now since my fella is busy with the Perth International Arts Festival. He's working on a UK production of Six Characters in Search of an Author. He's been doing 11-hour days through the bump-in and rehearsals and is now on show calls, which is every night. He came home last night and told me one of the actors is Ian McDiarmid, which is pretty exciting to me, being a massive Star Wars nerd (I am old enough to have seen all six films in their original cinema release!). For the non-nerd readers he played Senator Palpatine/Darth Sidius/The Emperor - not that you non-nerds will even care who that is! Apparently he is really nice though, not at all an evil take-over-the-universe kind of guy at all.

So I have no excuse not to have been sewing, except whatever it is that's currently blocking me.

To pass the time I have been doing a little knitting while watching a bunch of chick flicks that wouldn't normally get a look-in:
This will eventually be the Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. It's another top-down raglan but this time in incredibly fine yarn. I would love to knit challenging cables and bobbles and colour work but, as satisfying as that would be, I just wouldn't wear it (or I would look like a clown if I did) - I just don't have a sturdy enough bone structure to pull of anything fancy! So endless acres of black stocking stitch it is - and let me tell you, there is nothing to remind you of how old you are getting like trying to knit black yarn at night!

The yarn is Centolavaggi by Filatura Di Crosa. One 100g ball contains enough yarn for the entire cardigan (about 1,500 yards). This ball only cost $19.50 which is a total bargain IMO. The other bonus is that the finished cardigan will only weigh 100g - perfect to throw on over a camisole or t-shirt to keep the chill off.

I loved this yarn so much that I went back and bought another ball, this time shade 1503, it had gone up (to $22.50) but is still a bargain for a whole garment's worth of yarn. I think it will be a while before I'm ready to start on it though!
Here's hoping I can get out of my sewing slump soon!

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mickey said...

When I'm feeling unmotivated, I rearrange my project/fabric closet. That usually gets me going! it's good that you can knit while watching your movies-- you ARE doing something! That's a good thing!
(And I knew exactly who Ian McDermid is...he's played many roles, I'm sure, but he will always be the Emperor to me! "...we have a new enemy...Luke Skywalker...)