Friday, 19 March 2010

Just a Quickie – The Millefoglie Scarf

Well productivity remains at an all time low in this household. At least the weather is finally turning and it has been below 30 all week. We even had a drop of rain – the first since November last year!

I have made another toile of the McQueen jacket, converting it to a conventional armhole and sleeve but it still isn't quite right and I have decided to put that particular project on hold for a little while. It will remain a work in progress until I can work up enough steam to give it the energy it deserves…

On the plus side I did manage to churn out a measly scarf! I am ashamed to admit I didn't make any effort at all with this. The yarn (Millefoglie by Moda Vera) comes with a variety of novelty yarns joined together – a chunky grey, olive/khaki nubbly, copper/silver metallic, black fluffy and white with a black thread through it. I didn't even finish the joins properly, I simply knitted the knots in wherever they fell.

I used 8mm needles and a simple 11st repeat ripple stitch. I am really happy with how it came out. I wear scarves every day in winter and I have loads of bright ones to wear with neutrals but not as many neutral ones to wear with coloured clothes. I love the combination of yarns and feel sure I couldn't have come up with this on my own – I am really not great at combining colours and textures.

This picture shows the various yarns but I probably wouldn't wear it wrapped like this.

Here the scarf is folded in half with the ends passed through the loop. This is great for bulky and shorter scarves.

Here it is wrapped around the neck with one end passed through underneath and hanging over the top. I think this particular scarf works well this way. This was my favourite scarf tie last year. Who knows, this year I may find a new favourite – there have been some awesome tutorials posted by northern hemisphere bloggers – thanks guys!

Up next I will start on a series of outfits for a four-day conference. It is an international event but unfortunately not the one in Vancouver that a number of my colleagues are going to, it's here in Perth. It will be my first time presenting a paper at this kind of shindig in about six years. Am I nervous? Hell yeah. But new clothes will help won't they?


gwensews said...

Hi! You have an award waiting on my blog. Whether you care to pick it up, or not, is perfectly fine. If you choose to, just right-click on the award photo and save it to your computer. Then, add it to your sidebar, if you care to.

The rules of the award are listed on my post.

harbourmaster said...

Ooh conference, exciting! You'll be great!

Did your house survive the storm ok?

qi* said...

hey i made a scarf using the millefoglie yarn too!!! don't u just LOVE this yarn???

u can check out my scarf here: