Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Featherweight Cardigan - Finally!

Wow, more than three weeks since I've posted anything.  I have not been terribly creative lately, I am making slow progress on the winter coat (which I have no need of until next May now!) and the corset (even though the class is finished - I promise I will update you on what we learned).  I am just very distracted lately and all my creative energies are occupied elsewhere.  I'll do my best to get back on the horse soon - I find it easier to manage the little stresses of everyday life better when I have an outlet!

In the meantime I finally blocked the Featherweight cardigan and here it is:
I have been a bit 'meh' about this cardigan since I finished it.  On the positive side the shape is nice and it's light and soft.  On the other hand I couldn't get the collar quite right (I cast off loose so it wouldn't seize up but now it's just kind of floppy) and it snags if I even think about a rough surface (I don't know why I imagined it wouldn't be fragile).  I can never work the pulls back into the fabric and it's starting to look a bit moth-eaten already.

Here's the back, you can see what I mean about the collar.
I have been looking forward to making the wispy cardi in the same yarn but a different colourway but now I am not so sure.  I have another project on the go so I don't have to decide right away but I guess my options are
  1. buy another skein of yarn and work two strands together,
  2. make the wispy cardi but substitute a different stitch that won't pull so easily (maybe all over moss stitch?), or
  3. make something else entirely - like a huge lace shawl (and risk looking like a total nanna - not sure I am young and cool enough to pull of the 'casually wrapped handknit lace shawl' look)
So that's where I am at.  I'll try to work on the coat this weekend - I am nearly finished!

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Ann's Fashion Studio said...

What a lovely cardigan. From where I sit,it looks pretty amazing.