Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Colette Ginger in denim

Well I jumped on the ginger bandwagon.  There are so many wonderful versions out there, and A-line is my go to skirt shape, so how could I not.  My version is in a fairly heavy indigo denim with topstitching in a sort-of parchment colour. I used standard thread for the topstitching but used the forward-back-forward stitch (triple stitch?) to give it some oomph. I went for the shaped waistband which appealed to me as it looks like a heart. The waistband is lined in quilting cotton.

I made no alterations to the pattern and cut a straight size 12 (I think).  During construction I realised my ridiculously high waist would make the waistband hit the bottom of my bra so I reduced the height by about 1.5cm. I think in future iterations I would lower the top of the skirt and cut a longer waistband so it sits lower on me, not at my natural waist (basically at the bottom of my ribcage) but closer to where I would like my natural waist to be!

Because the denim is very stiff I went with a metal zip instead of the recommended invisible zip which worked great IMO (except you can't see it in this picture so will have to take my word for it).

I love how this skirt came out, it is very simple to make and a lovely shape that seems to be pretty flattering on everyone (and would be on me if I altered it as discussed above).

Unfortunately some medication I have been taking has caused me to lay down some extra weight on my tummy and waist.  This is new for me since ordinarily any weight I gained would go straight to my behind and from the waist up would remain more or less the same.  So that means I can't even wear this skirt right now.  But rather than donate it I am going to hang it in the wardrobe for the day when I can get into it again.  Then I bet I will wear it all the time!


gwensews said...

That's a very pretty skirt. Hey, Spanx is made for little problems that you are experiencing. There's a always a way to get into a garment!

Gail said...

Your skirt looks great. The topstitching is first rate.

georgi said...

Great work...everything, love those cute little sweaters!