Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Introducing Mr Fumes and a WIP

Are you sick of Craftsy projects yet? I'm not!

Here is my latest, another project from the Amigurumi: Design your own Monster course. While the course includes a bunch of super cute patterns the main aim is to teach you the skills and confidence to make any creature you like. I designed a dragon based on the shapes covered in both this course and Stacey's other Craftsy course - Amigurumi: Woodland Animals.

See my Craftsy project page for more details if you are interested.

Here's a gratuitous shot of Charlotte with Mr Fumes.

In other Craftsy news I am also taking the Perfect Seamless Crazy Lace Cardigan course.  I love me a lace cardi but for my first project there is not really any lace involved at all, I am making a v-neck in double moss stitch (aka moss stitch in US terminology) with a decorative raglan panel of eyelets in rib. I only get to knit in the evenings after Charlotte is in bed and I am using 4ply for this project so as you can see I haven't got very far yet!

I worked out that by the time I divide for the sleeves I'll have something like 440 sts on the needle, which is fine if you are working in the round and can put it down mid row but when working back and forward you need to allow plenty of time to complete a row! Maybe next time I'll add yet another skill and learn steeking so I can knit the whole thing in the round...

Oh, and I have done a little sewing - yay! I made Charlotte a dress and I am back hard at work on Jess's wedding dress.  I really need to make some clothes for myself but to be honest I'm pretty depressed about how my body looks atm - maybe some nice new clothes (that fit) are just what I need.


EmilyKate said...

Oh I love your creature! I actually have been wanting to learn amigurumi for years, I keep picking up the hook to try and getting no further than the first loop because I get so frustrated trying to make the very first circle!

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