Friday, 23 May 2008

Another week goes by...

Well, not much time for sewing this week! And it’s starting to show. Does anyone else find they get cranky and tense when they can’t sew? I think that when we get really busy, it’s more important than ever to make the time to do something for yourself; and for me that’s sewing.

My new job is going well, it’s taking a lot out of me but I am settling in okay. On top of that my fella has been pretty sick for the past few weeks. We’re not sure what’s wrong but he’s had a bunch of tests now and I hope we’ll have the solution soon. My birthday was on Tuesday and it was a bit of a non-event, I had a tough day at work and fella wasn’t well so the day just went by like any other. Then to cap it all off, I have fallen quite ill with a cold. My birthday party was last night and I was dosed to the eyeballs just to get out of the house. I had a great time but am very unwell today.

One thing I did manage to do was add to my stash without breaking my pact! My dad gives me cash for my birthday every year and this year was no different. I went down to the shop to pick up the buttons and belt for the coat I wore to my birthday party (which weren’t there as I had mis-calculated the timings) and lo and behold some fab new suitings were in. I bought two – a houndstooth and a window pane plaid and since the money was a gift, technically I wasn’t doing anything wrong!!!
I got my coat finished in the nick of time (a couple of the buttons are literally tied on!). I don't have a finished picture yet, but I'll try and write up the project tomorrow.

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