Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The Black Birthday Jacket

Even though I was sick for my birthday party, at least I finished my jacket (although I think I already mentioned that I finished it about 10 minutes AFTER I was supposed to leave home and half the buttons are tied on - for now!).

The pattern I used was McCalls 5525, view B with the belt from the other views. The fabric is a black paisley-ish flock fabric with a little stretch. This was not the ideal fabric because of the stretch and it is quite lightweight but I just loved it so I went ahead and I am pretty happy with the result. The jacket is lined in a beige/brown/cream floral satin.

I had no major construction issues with the pattern only two small niggles.

As usual, the pattern instructions only included interfacing one layer of the collar - this is almost never enough. I used two layers of fairly lightweight interfacing - one sew in and one fused (long story!) and I still would prefer the collar to have a bit more body. This is my fault as I didn't have any heavier interfacing on hand - but I still think most collars look better with both sides interfaced.

My second niggle is that the sleeve flounce/frill thing isn't lined. What the! I'm not really sure why you would go to the trouble of fully lining a jacket and then miss the one part that is almost certain to show. Anyhow, I added a lining to the sleeve flounce/frill thing.

Small note: See how the back vent doesn't hang closed - I hate that, but I neglected to cut the back 'off grain' to compensate. Note to self: MUST ALWAYS DO THIS!
The belt and covered buttons I had made.
The (not quite stiff enough) collar
The sleeve with band.

I am planning to send this jacket to the dry cleaner for a proper press as I was just not able to get a really good finish without rubbing off the flock (although there is a risk the dry cleaner will do this too). Overall, it's a cute jacket and I'll probably get a fair bit of use from it.
Up next a couple of patterns from BWOF


Erica B. said...

Beautiful! I love the fabric!

Josie said...

Yes the fabric is beautiful, I just wish it didn't look so 'limp'. I hope the dry cleaner will do a good job of pressing it.

Reethi said...

OMG - what a fantastic jacket! Amazing! (And thanks for the comment on my blog - of course I'll add you in too.)

claire said...

jo that looks amazing! a far stretch from the one pair of pants i've made this year (n for uni, not even for me!) ahhh roll on holidays and actually having time to sew...

Josie said...

Cheers Claire, I'm sure you're working very hard. REmember when we were at WAAPA there was no time for personal sewign either. Lucky me gainfully employed so my free time is for fun not homework!

Tany said...

Waht a fabulous job, Josie! Your jacket looks terrific!