Sunday, 8 June 2008

My Pattern Competition - The Blocks

I have completed the blocks for my entry into the Pattern Review 'My Pattern' Competition.

First up, the jacket block.

I used Winnifred Aldrich's method for all my blocks. I usually use these as 1. they are metric, and 2. they give a really nice garment. I've used Aldrich on many body types from teeny tiny ballet dancers upwards and I've always found that I get a reasonable fit first time.

All the basic blocks for this project are from Metric Pattern Cutting (3rd edition, revised).

The jacket uses the Tailored Jacket Block, with standard (fitted) waist shaping. I made a straight size 12 as this fits my shoulders well but still has enough ease (I hope) to accommodate my waist and hips.

The two piece sleeve block is from the same book. I cut a straight 12 again and lengthened it slightly.

The skirt block is also from Aldrich. The difference here is I cut it to my personal measurements rather than my nearest size. I followed the instructions for a small waist in proportion to hips - which basically entails increasing the width of the darts to minimise the waist curve. I like this method as it makes the outward slope from waist to hips a bit less obvious.

My next steps will involve tracing off the blocks and constructing the patterns. Then I'll toille the patterns in calico and, with luck, go straight into fabric after that. Of course I'll have to draft my facing and lining patterns once the main pattern is sorted. So, plenty to be going on with!

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