Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Taking the Plunge

Here is me wearing the BWOF skirt I just finished. Please bear in mind these photos were taken after work and a journey on public transport, which I hope will explain the slightly spaced out /cranky expression!

On to other news. I have finally taken the plunge in a big way. I've been meaning to post some reviews on Pattern Review, but I've always felt a bit shy about it. Anyway, I've decided to enter the my pattern competition that's currently running. The deal is, you have to make a garment from your own pattern (it can be a knock off of RTW, but you can't use a fashion pattern). I love pattern drafting and don't do nearly enough of it... Only problem is, I can't decide what to make! Also, whatever it is has to come from my stash since I'm not buying fabric until June 30 at least (I may have to make an exception for the sake of art though ha ha). I have quite a few ideas, but nothing that has got me really excited. I'm thinking it will probably be something for work although I do have an evening function coming up so maybe I'll do that. It's keeping me up at nights! I hope inspiration comes soon so I can get some sleep.


Reethi said...

It looks great! And you should absolutely enter the contest - I've been entering a few, and I love how it focuses the sewing/drives the creative process.

Kristy said...

your skirt looks really good on you - a very flattering length and it held up well after a full day's wear

Tany said...

It looks good on you! Great fit!