Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Saga of the Black Coat

Never fear, I have been busy – I just have nothing to show for it yet.

Even though spring is definitely in the air here, I feel the need for one last winter project. I need a black coat. I have a black coat already but it is hideous and incredibly unflattering. It’s from the Stella McCartney for Target range and I got it on sale, at the time I thought it would be nice to try something different and a bit more ‘fashion’, well let’s just say I’ve learned my lesson there! I have had people stand up for me on the bus thinking I am pregnant and then you have the awkward situation where I don’t deserve the seat, but don’t want to upset a kind person by knocking them back. Therefore, I think it is best for me and the community to have a non-preggers looking black coat.

I bought some beautiful black wool fabric from Tessuti when I was in Sydney a couple of weeks ago. I knew it was narrow so I bought 3m to be sure. Once I got home I started going through my stash of patterns. The main criteria was that it has to go in at the waist. My first pick was Burda 8010 (OOP) altered to be single breasted– except it turned out I’d got the petite size (ok, I know it’s not that hard to lengthen it a bit above and below the waist but remember I am lazy and stubborn). Then Simplicity 4033 (also OOP) – this is promising, I’m thinking View D collar and trims but in the single breasted version. Threads patterns are quite good for me (hideous shift dress failure notwithstanding), I made their trench coat a couple of winters ago and love it. So I got all organised only to find I was about 20cm short on fabric – disaster!

After recovering I then went to Vogue V2538 (again, OOP)– a coat I love and I’ve had the pattern for years and years. Sadly, my former self had cut out a smaller size than I currently wear. I valiantly made a toile but it wasn’t going to work (yes, I know I could alter it but…remember – lazy!). By this stage I was completely over it and went back to knitting and watching the Olympics. Finally I set upon BWOF 09/07/104. I’ve seen several reviews of this coat (and Tany’s leopard version is fab), so I traced off the pattern and was all set to go until my fella said ‘isn’t that pretty much like the coat you’ve already got?’ Well no, it’s much nicer but he was right to notice it’s not exactly fitted at the waist!

So after all this, what did I decide? Back to Simplicity 4033. I rang Tessuti yesterday and bought an extra 0.5m of fabric and today it arrived by express post. I hope this weekend to have some actual sewing to show you.


liz at ephidrina dot org said...

The Montana coat is a winner and a true classic (still cherishing my purple alpaca version from about 5 years ago) but sorry to say, it doesn't go in at the middle and resists belts of all kinds. Too bad it's out of print.

I'm about to embark on a deconstructed version of Vogue V2984 in time for the European winter, in black flannel faced with black jersey, with exposed white interfacing, cinched with a black nappa tie belt. Inspired by something I saw at Martin Margiela, it's an experiment with cheap(ish) materials already in the closet, which hopefully won't be a complete waste of time.

Could have told you for nothing to avoid Stella at the chain stores - fast fashion and no tailoring is great for the kids, but no good to a grown-up. Nice knits, though.

Great blog, btw. When are you back in Europe?

Josie said...

Hi Liz,
Great to hear from you. Your jacket will look great - I'd love to see a picture when it's done.

I wish I knew when I'd be back in Europe, I hope it won't be too long though!