Tuesday, 24 February 2009

My Mojo Went on Holiday and Left me Behind

I have a confession to make.

I have not sewn a stitch in over three weeks! This is very unlike me and I am itching to make something, but I am just totally exhausted right now.

I remember writing before Christmas about how I was looking forward to getting my workload under control in the new year. Sadly that has not happened. In fact, it is worse! I am feeling so stressed out that I have developed eczema on my back (I’ve never had eczema before) and the week before last I got a sty in my eye. Since stys (is that how you spell it/them?) are not contagious I ended up having to go to work with my left eye all swollen and purple, and VERY painful! I just have to slog through this really busy time until it gets sorted out – although I’m not sure how that will happen. Please be patient with me in the meantime.

I am a little bored with summer clothes and even though I didn’t get through everything on my list (who ever does that?) I think I will move on to some Autumn and Winter garments to re-ignite my interest. I have been putting a fair amount of thought into what I’d like to make for the coming cooler months and I just need to get a final plan together. I am still working with the very small closet concept for my work wear so I need to make sure that I have two complete looks for each bottom piece. There are also some casual pieces I need, chiefly jeans - so a couple of pairs are definitely on the cards.

The other sewing related job I’ve been doing is cataloguing my stash. I’ve never done this before and it’s kinda fun, if a little overwhelming. I don’t have a problem with an enormous stash – when I see nice, good quality fabric, I’ll buy it whether or not I have a project in mind. Some years there just doesn’t seem to be anything I like in the shops and others I just go mad! Having said that though, I am having a few “What the…” moments! I can’t wait to finally tally up how much fabric I own. I dare say it will be a scary figure!

I’ve been doing a little knitting (it’s about as much as I can manage at the moment) so I hope I will have a new knitted project to show off soon.

On the up side it is a long weekend in Western Australia this week so, fingers crossed, I will find my mojo and get cracking on a fab new project soon.


Susannah said...

Hi Josie

Your voile top looked very nice - and I thought the short sleeves were a vast improvement on the sleeves used on the pattern envelope!

I can understand your frustration about not getting enough time/energy left at the end of the day to get some sewing done. At times, the day job does get in the way of the rest of one's life!

I am impressed by your intention to catalogue your stash. Last year, when my son moved out of home, I claimed his bedroom for my sewing. Fabric that had been stashed in an assortment of places around the house (the study, two drawers in the dining room, part of a cupboard in the living room, under my bed...) were transferred into the newly empty wardrobe. I washed quite a lot of pieces, ironed them and hung them, all ready to sew. More fabric emerged, some was washed, and, like you, there were a few lengths that really had me questioning my sanity. I haven't catalogued it all, but I think I have enough fabric to clothe me for the rest of my life, to cloth my daughter for the rest of her life, and probably for at least one more generation.....!

Hope you get your mojo back (and can you send some to me please??)



liz at ephidrina dot org said...

So sorry to hear about your health problems! I hope you'll be feeling better, and ready to take on some new stuff soon.

Funny that you've been cataloging the stash. I've had some time off needlework lately, and been doing the same with my decidedly medium-to-large wardrobe, (I never knew I had 18 pairs of shoes!) with a view to planning sewing projects better.

I'm also still thinking about the group blog (in my copious free time - feh) and developing an online closet inventory. Could be useful, no?

hope you get that mojo workin' again!