Thursday, 25 June 2009

This is a gift I made for a girl at work who has left to have a baby. She was only with us for a few months but we got along really well and she made such a contribution that I felt I really wanted to make something nice to give her as a leaving gift.

I used the Li'l Monkey pattern from Stitch and Bitch – The Happy Hooker as a base but made plain granny squares, did 5 rows of 5 (instead of four rows of four), and added quite a wide border. All this was essentially because my yarn was finer than the one specified in the pattern.

I chose the yarn primarily on colour availability. It was pretty reasonably priced at around $3 or $4 per ball (I can’t exactly remember). Unfortunately I managed to throw out all the ball bands so I can’t tell you the brand. It is 8ply and cotton-y in texture, but very soft.

I’ve never made a baby blanket before but I quite enjoyed it. I crocheted some of the border in the car on the way to my mini-break in Margaret River which passed the time and allowed me to make good progress without getting too bored.

I love how it turned out. The colours are lovely and cheerful and it’s a pretty good size – about 65cm square.
I am now working on another blanket, this time for my stepsister-in-law. This blanket is a knitted one and is all in one piece. Aside from having a lot less ends to darn in, which is a plus, I am finding it quite tedious. I need to find:
a) some free time, and
b) a couple of lightweight dvds
so I can get over the hump on it!
Here's a close up on a few of the squares.


BConky said...

What a pretty blanket. Love the differnt colors other than traditional pastel baby colors.

McVal said...

Wow! That's gorgeous! You did an excellent job on it!

Rose said...

What fabulous blankets! There are 2 very fortunate recepients!!

Tany said...

Very pretty!