Monday, 19 April 2010

Help! I've gone crafty-crazy!

Things are slowly getting back to normal...the floors have now been replaced with lovely laminate boards and the cheque is in the mail for replacement furniture. I still can't access my sewing room, except for my crochet hooks which I can reach through the door, so I am going a bit stir-crazy but at least we are not living in a building site any more.

I got through my conference without any new clothes and even managed to deliver my presentation to a pretty big audience without falling off the podium or throwing up (even though I felt like doing both)! Just fyi I wore my lucky dress (McCalls 5746 - now out of print, which is a shame) for the presentation.

My fella has finally found a full time job which is the best news! It has been hard for him but finally his persistence has paid off. He is now the head technician in the theatre department of a very posh school not too far from home (your brother school Claire!). He was supposed to start on Friday, the day of my presentation so we both had a sleepless night and were sick with nerves in the morning - and were unable to comfort each other. Unfortunately not long after he got there his new boss rang in to say his car broke down and had to be towed so he wouldn't be coming in. My fella spent some time filling out his paperwork and then came home. So we had to go through the nerves all over again today!

All in all, everything is pretty good right now, although my stir-craziness has morphed rather alarmingly into craft-craziness. As I mentioned the only supplies I can reach are my crochet hooks. I have been making another crochet scarf (although it's been slow going with being so busy moving the house around pre- and post-flooring) but my fella had the audacity to question how many scarves I actually need (one more obviously!) so I have been looking for other outlets. The new floorboards are dark and show dust like crazy, and we will have to sweep every day so I got the idea in my head to make re-useable swiffer covers. A quick search on ravelry revealed a number of free patterns but i chose this loopy version.

A few balls of nasty $2.50 acrylic yarn (best for static apparently) later and I ended up with this carnival of colour:
I have actually made four but one has already been put through its paces. A 100g ball of yarn will probably make at least three covers and they take as much time to make as it does to watch an episode each of Make it or Break it, Addicted to Beauty and Gossip Girl, stopping to fast forward the ads. I am a bit bored of this pattern now so I might make some different ones to see how they go but this design is working pretty well so far.
In fact, it's working in unexpected ways. Apparently men really are attracted to brightly coloured things. My fella actually volunteers to sweep with these, leaving me more time for my craft-craziness!


harbourmaster said...

HAHA! They are the best, maybe if I learn to crochet Stu will do the sweeping?

That is excellent about the job, I'm sure he'll be brilliant at it! The theatre manager there and my school were pretty chummy and used to help each other out on productions, I wonder if P will do that too?

Congratulations on the presentation, I'm sure you were great!

marysews said...

Thanks for the link to the crochet duster covers. I might even make some for a friend who has lots of wood floors!