Monday, 31 May 2010

BWOF 09-2007-104 Houndstooth Coat

I only have one day left of my holidays *sob*.  As usual I set pretty lofty goals for what I wanted to achieve - clean the house from top to bottom, finish 6 projects, iron everything in the house that needs ironing, have a nutritious meal on the table at a reasonable hour every night etc etc.  I'm sure you can guess how many I achieved!  I guess I am not the domestic goddess I have always dreamed of being.  So back to work on Wednesday at least until we win the lotto!

In my defence I was sick with a cold for the first few days and am still in ongoing battles with the insurance company over my car (guess how I spent 1 1/2 hours today?), at least I have my new car though and as soon as my windows are tinted (tomorrow) and I get the refund on my registration (no idea when that will happen) I can sit down and write a very therapeutic letter to the general manager of the company and tell them exactly why I will not be continuing my relationship with them.

Don't worry I am posting about some sewing today, it's just a particularly winding road today.

So it was my birthday the Thursday before last, and the fact I am only mentioning it now indicates what a non-event it was.  I was sick with the aforementioned cold, spent a good hour or so battling the insurance company, which was just sooo frustrating and then spent the afternoon at the stitches and craft show with my Mum.  It was nice but there wasn't much there that caught my eye this time, pity because it's usually the highlight of my crafting year.  I bought a kit to knit yet another scarf though, so it wasn't a total let-down.

Things got a lot better on Saturday, when my fella and I went out for dinner with a bunch of friends.  It was a great night and I got to unveil the houndstooth coat, which in true form I finished that afternoon.

It's looks okay considering I didn't make any alterations to the pattern.  Ordinarily I would cut a 38 to the armholes, a 40 or 42 at the waist and a 44 at the hip, then would make a 2cm fba, narrow the upper back by 5cm (2.5cm on the half pattern) and shorten the centre back above the waist by 2.5cm.  By comparison, this coat is made from a straight size 38.

You can see the worst of the fit problems on the back, see how it's way too wide across between the sleeves?  And it's quite snug around my hips, but it's okay if I wear it open.

I sewed the buttons on the outside but it is really fastened by large snaps.  I am particularly proud of the welt pockets, something I don't do often, and the spotted lining, which is just cute.

If you have the patience for one more story here goes...

My fella is from the north-east of England, it's very cold there and they seem to stay warm by shouting about football (soccer) a lot.  In this particular part of the country there is a fierce rivalry between two cities, divided by a river.  One side is black and white and the other is red and white, my fella's family is from the red and white side of the river (when I want to wind him up I taunt him with 'blood and bandages').  Even in Australia (he has lived here for nearly 20 years) the passion doesn't wane.  One time I innocently suggested that black and white bed linen might look stylish, my fella replied that I could buy whatever bed linen I wanted, just don't expect him to sleep under a black and white quilt cover.

He was very complimentary about my houndstooth coat, but I knew he would find it hard to truly embrace the black and white.  Because I am a nice girlfriend I bound the hem and facing edge in pink satin bias, so now he can like my new coat without feeling like a traitor to his family!


Linda said...

I can so identify with you on the lofty goals for the holiday and dealing with a cold.

Your coat looks great!

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

I love your coat. YOu did a fantastic job. I have lofty ideas of making one before the summer is over. We'll see.

Rachel said...

I love the story about football colours! I didn't realise it stretched to black and white as a colour scheme in general, I thought it was just black and white stripes.
I have a friend who's a fan of the same team, it sounds like your fella would like the pressie I made her last year:

gwensews said...

I love houdstooth. Your coat is terrific! Nice sewing!

Connie B said...

From your first paragraph I thought that you had invented more hours in a day, and was excited! Love, love the coat. The inside is so sweet!

sewistafashionista said...

Seeing you in that winter coat with the background of sunshine reminded me - I need to take a look at fall patterns. How fun to plan for next season.

A lot of home sewers avoid making winter coats. Bravo to you for such a terrific job!

Gail said...

Absolutely beautiful fit and styling. The workmanship is very fine.

harbourmaster said...

Hahahahahaaaa you are a very good girlfriend. Coat looks awesome. Hope you got to enjoy a cidey on your birthday!

plantillas css said...

I’m taken aback how well this blog is written and organized. Well done!