Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Houndstooth Coat Part 1

I agonised for some time over what to make for my first project after so long, and finally decided to make something completely impractical but really fun, a houndstooth coat.  It's still warm outside, and won't even start to get cold until late May or early June so it'll be a while before I can wear this, but I do love making coats!  I have had this houndstooth in my stash for probably two or three years.  Every winter I want to do something with it and every winter I get distracted by other projects.  Well, it's cut now so no going back!

The pattern I'll be using is model 104 from BWOF 29/2007.

The only change I'll make is to use the full length sleeves.  Personally I love 3/4 length sleeves but my arms get super cold!  I guess one item that really needs to be practical is a winter coat, so long sleeves it is.

I have done some clever things and some dumb things on this project already:
Dumb thing #1 - I didn't mark the size when I was tracing the pattern (which was ages ago).  I am guessing it's probably a Burda 38 which is my top-half-size.
Dumb thing #2 - I didn't do any of my usual alterations (narrow upper back, short centre back, fba, big hips) so I am hoping the style lines will be forgiving.  Regardless, it'll just fit 'like a bought one'.

Clever thing #1 - This fabric frays like a beotch so I fused the underside of all the pieces with sheer weft (I think it's called perfect fuse sheer in other places).
Clever thing #2 - I stabilised all the curves (armhole and necklines) with fusible bias tape.

Clever thing #3 - I stabilised the hem lines with a bias strip of fusible interfacing, and ironed a patch behind where the pockets will go.  This was in addition to the front facings, welts and collars as directed by the pattern.

Okay, so the clever things weren't that clever and the dumb things were pretty dumb, but give me a break - I am just excited to be able to sew again!

I haven't cut it yet but this will be the lining, isn't it cute?  It's actually satin but I took the picture without a flash.
Wish me luck with the welt pockets - not something I've done a lot of...


Linda said...

This is an exciting sewing venture. Look forward to seeing the results.

Carol said...

This is going to be gorgeous! I just made this pattern in a white wool and I really like the shape of it. I used shoulder pads to keep the retro look. I live in the subtropics (Byron Bay) so it may never actually get cold enough for me to wear it but, like you, I really like coats and I wanted to make it, so I did! For a bit of fun, I cut the inside collar band in faux leather and added a bound buttonhole to break up the expanse of white. I'm thinking of adding sleeve tabs as well. I'm really looking forward to seeing yours - I love houndstooth!