Tuesday, 10 August 2010

M5929 - Version three

As I mentioned previously I will eventually have four versions of this shirt.  This is version three.  I have previously in a floral with the ruffle, and the long sleeved version without the ruffle.  This version also skips the ruffle and has a different sleeve.

I was inspired by this image from the August 2010 Madison magazine.  You can barely see it but this shirt is by Boss Black and it retails for $329 Australian.  I reckon my version came in under $25 so you have to be happy with that!

Here is the front view.  I like the open neck a lot better than the traditional shirt neckline on me.  I find there is too much fabric in the upper chest and it never lies flat.  The stripe with white collar and cuffs reminds me of rich bankers (I said bankers).

Either side of the front band I added a 1cm strip of striped fabric cut on the bias.  I love how this turned out!  The only tricky bit is that you need to cut your bias bands perpendicular (at right angles) to each other not parallel (alongside), or you won't be able have both sets of stripes running up (or down).  Ask me how I know.  Fortunately my fabric was kinda reversible so I think I got away with it.

What I didn't get away with was working all the buttonholes on the wrong side - dammit!  I checked  twice and STILL did it wrong!  Now I can't wear this shirt with pants (I like everything to overlap the same way - call me crazy).  I can however wear it with skirts, and jeans if I was the type to wear a shirt like this with jeans!

I morphed the sleeve into an oop vogue sleeve with a traditional placket and french cuff.  I cut down the cuff so it doesn't fold back though.  I made the cuff links from a pair of shank buttons.  The purple dot is my disappearing marker that hasn't quite disappeared yet (it will).

I did a pretty good job on the cuffs if I do say so.  I used the David Coffin DVD for the first time and they came out great.

I also think the collar looks pretty good - collars with a stand are always a challenge for me.  Again I used the David Coffin DVD and am much happier than normal.
Just to round things out, here's the back.
You know I am thinking I am going to have to re-visit some of my fitting alterations.  I am just not getting the nice smooth finish I used to.  Any suggestions (other than 'get to the gym')?

So I have one more version of this shirt planned but I am going put it on hold to work on a coat and a jacket before the cold weather is gone for the year.  I am also starting a corset making class this week (I have done some corset making before but this is apparently a 'master class' so I will let you know how it goes) and I will be working on a toille for my friend Jess's wedding dress - which you will be pleased to know she is happy for me to blog about.  Not likely I'll be bored any time soon!


Connie said...

That shirt looks great- I especially like the button band detailing and the contrast cuffs and collar!

Gail said...

Love the detailing in the front panel. For fit issues, see Fit for Real People - it covers it all!

Sue said...

The front button band idea is great! Did you see it somewhere or were you just inspired?

liz at ephidrina dot org said...

Lovely blouse! I really like that front button band.

Would the back fit better with princess seams extending into the arm scye, in place of the back darts? It would look better than a yoke, and you could add a bit of shape to the side panels.

I think I need that David Coffin book.

EmilyKate said...

Oh I love it! It's so crisp with the stripes and the contrasting white. Beautifully sewn!

NessaKnits said...

I love the shirt, but get someone to pull it taut from under your skirt before the photo! And I'm here looking for the Molly Ringwald outfit!

Anonymous said...
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velosewer said...

Great shirt and the detailing is spot on. Play with another fabric to see if the back fit needs adjusting. You're shirt is too lovely to not wear.

Buy Wow Paladin said...

love the way you make the design and the way you also add some details on the skirt. i really like it.=)