Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Spiral scarf - another knitting project

Today I am 'sick as a dog'!  It's just a head cold but it has knocked me flat on my back.  Unfortunately it decided to hit me right before I had to give a pretty important presentation yesterday - it was not my finest performance I'm afraid!

So I am home sick today and maybe tomorrow too if I don't improve significantly.  As vital as I am to the running of the State Government  (joke) I like my co-workers too much to share my germs with them.  It's opening night for my fella's first production in his new job tomorrow night so I hope I am well enough to go and support him.

But this is not a health blog, it's a sewing blog - although there has been a lot of knitting/crochet going on around here.  Of course that's mainly due to the fact I could not access my sewing room and/or most of my stash for the best part of three months after the house flooded.  Mercifully that's all fixed now but here's another knitting project if you can stand it.

I bought this pattern and yarn as a kit at the Craft and Quilt Fair, which I went to on my birthday this year. 
I have to say it was a bit disappointing this year and this was all I bought.  I started it the same day so therefore it has taken me more than two months to knit this in around other projects.  The pattern is the Spiral Scarf and the yarn is Quartet, both by Morris and Sons.

The ruffles are formed entirely by short rows, essentially the scarf is formed of many, many little wedges.  The yarn has soy in it and feels lovely and soft but the twist is a bit irregular with some very thick bits and very thin bits amongst a mainly even yarn  It's fine as long as you don't mind a few lumps.

It was an easy knit but boring, due to it being essentially garter stitch with 8ply yarn on 4.5mm needles.

I like how it came out and I got some compliments when I wore it to work the other day.  A success all around and another completed project to add to the tally.


gwensews said...

I love your spiral scarf. I've made some, smiliar. Sometimes, it's good to have "boring" type knitting to do, especially when watching TV so you don't have to count or concentate.

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Lorelei Barkley said...

Just found your post about your scarf. I also made one and put it on my blog a while ago. Have had many compliments on my scarf and actually made one for my daughter as well.