Thursday, 6 January 2011

Goodbye 2010 - the Garden State dress

I don't know about you but I am quite happy to see the back of 2010!  To say it was a challenging year is an understatement but I have definitely come out of it stronger.  All the stresses of 2010 means I wasn't able to focus on my creative pursuits as much as I would have liked, but when I could they helped me get through some really difficult times.  I foresee 2011 also being challenging (at least the first few months) but what can you do other than face it head on?

I'll do my 2010 round up of projects on my blogoversary in just over a week so today I will show you what I whipped up for New Year's Eve...

I was going for this -

But may have strayed dangerously close to this -

Whatever, I loved Garden State so I don't mind too much!
The pattern is BWOF 11-2007-107 which has been really successful for a number of people.

I love how the skirt came out - although on me I could have done without the underskirt.  I made a lot of alterations to the front bodice and never managed to get it quite right.  I don't think that is the fault of the pattern, I think I was a bit over-zealous with my FBA.  I haven't made a fitted bodice from Burda before, are they cut for a c-cup to start with by chance?  There is just too much fabric in the front so it pokes and pulls a bit weird.

The back isn't bad, the only alteration I made was a 3cm sway back adjustment.  There still seems to be some excess fabric in the back waist but not enought to be really concerned with.  It's so hard to fit yourself and it's usually not until I see the photos that I notice problems, especially on the back.

The fabric is quilting cotton (yikes!) which I don't normally use for garments (other than PJ pants) but I don't think it looks too mad.

I am thinking of this as a wearable muslin.  I want to use the pattern for a work dress so this was a trial run to see if the general shape works on me.  If I can get the fit worked out I think it will be okay.

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sewistafashionista said...

Sometimes I also hit up the quilting cotton for a wearable muslin. Your FBA might be a bit too much as you suggested, or sometimes quilting cotton can stretch as the weave is not all that tight.