Thursday, 17 March 2011

An award

Well I have failed miserably at achieving the goals I set myself for my time off. It wasn't entirely my fault as I was a bit under the weather so pretty much couch-surfed my way through the break. I did manage to finish my blanket project and buy the buttons and mostly finish the flutter sleeve cardigan - which will probably be the next thing I show you. The dress is still without a zip, facings and hem and the jacket is still not lined.

I often find the change of seasons a difficult time for mustering my mojo. Far from being all inspired and enthusiastic I am usually crippled by indecision. There is so much I need that I don't know where to start and I haven't yet got a feel for the type of look I want to go for (it may be hard to believe but I do actually try to have some kind of a look!).

Fortunately, Melissa has saved me from having to come up with something useful to post about by awarding me the Versatile Blogger award. Not that I think I deserve it at the present time but thanks for having faith in me Melissa!

The task is to come up with 7 things about me you don't already know. I am pretty much an open book so I will struggle to surprise you I think, but I'll try:
  1. I have been terrified of peacocks for most of my life - I would freak out if one came near me. One day I commented to my Mum that I didn't know why they scared me so much since no one else seems to be afraid of them. She told me that, when I was about 3, we were on a picnic and I was messing around with my sandwich instead of eating it. A peacock came right up and took it out of my hand. I had no memory of this ever happening but it was obviously traumatic! Since Mum told me this story I haven't been afraid of peacocks any more.
  2. Of all the sounds in the world I hate whistling the most. It just goes right through me! When I am out and about and someone starts whistling I get really tense and just want to leave.
  3. I cry all the time. Seriously, I would at least well up on most days. I have to carefully restrict what I watch on TV - sci fi and horror is fine, Secret Millionaire no way! On last week's Grand Designs, the husband died before the house could be built and I cried so much watching the ad for it I wasn't sure I'd be able to get through the actual episode!
  4. I would love to write a book. Part of my job is preparing reports and I enjoy technical writing but I think it would be satisfying to find a story and tell it in your own way. Problem is I haven't found my story yet. Although I am seriously considering taking on a PhD in the near future so maybe that will scratch my writing itch.
  5. I took six years off between the third and fourth years of my degree. During that time I spent 4 1/2 years working as a casino croupier. I learned a lot about people doing that job!
  6. I am a terrible sleeper. The conditions have to be exactly right for me to get a good night's sleep - and they rarely are. Add to that an extremely cranky 16 year old cat demanding breakfast at anywhere between 4.30 and 5.30am and, perhaps that explains why I often look haggard in my photos!
  7. My hair used to be really curly, like a red Afro. When I was 4 I got the nits and they couldn't work the comb through my hair as it was so thick and there was loads of it. So they had to shave my head. When it grew back the colour was still the same and it was still super thick and plentiful (not bragging - it's a nightmare!) but just wavy instead of curly - weird!

I am now supposed to nominate a huge number of blogs to pass the award on to. I hope you don't think it's a cop out if I don't nominate anyone. I am a bit late getting to this and loads of people have already had this and another similar award. So if you haven't already done this exercise then I nominate you!


Sue said...

I have never had a problem with peacocks but I totally get you on the whistling and crying thing! I have always said I could cry watching a cat food commercial! Whistlers beware...

Anonymous said...

thank goodness I'm not the only one that cries at tv shows, not to mention ads, those take care at work ones are the worst!

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When it grew back the colour was still the same and it was still super thick and plentiful (not bragging - it's a nightmare!) but just wavy instead of curly - weird!

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