Saturday, 5 March 2011

Is it really Autumn?

Hi everyone,
Well there is not much to report in chez Josie lately.  Perth is still suffering through the hottest summer on record or some such rubbish.  It's not the hot days that are so difficult but it hasn't dropped below 20C at night for over a month.  Long story short, no one is getting any sleep, everyone is cranky and it is way too hot to venture into my sewing room.  The good news is I now have a week and a half off work, the forecast looks bearable and I have several UFOs and USOs (Un Started Objects) calling my name.
  1. Another version of the Garden State dress - this time work appropriate and with a good fit at the bust.  It is about half done so one good session should knock it on the head
  2. A cropped jacket I started before Christmas - I haven't been able to think about sleeves, even 3/4 length ones since then!  I only have the lining and finishing to do
  3. I have knitted and blocked the flutter sleeve cardigan and just need to sew it together, knit the sleeve bands and find buttons. This is another one that has been too hot to contemplate.
  4. I am also knitting another blanket but that is a relaxing/TV project so no hurry on that one - it is over half done.
  5. And finally a crocheted cardigan which is also about half done.

A couple of Saturdays ago I was invited to meet up with the ladies from the Burdastyle Perth club (I didn't even know they existed but was so glad they found me!) and shop at the Potter's outlet shop.  It was great to meet so many people with a common interest and even a couple of local bloggers (I met Jacquie, Sewanista and the Curious Kiwi).  I was very restrained and only bought one piece of fabric, it was pricey but only because I needed a lot.  It's a knit print poly-rayon blend and yes, I am aware that every time I sew with knits I swear I never will again! I refuse to let them beat me.  No photos yet, hopefully this is one of the USOs I'll get to while on holidays.  Their next meet-up is next weekend so I am hoping to go along to that - maybe I'll take that pesky jacket lining!

Because I still have a back log of projects from my Christmas/New Year flurry of projects I can actually show you something finished.  This is a baby blanket I made for Jess (now can you guess why the wedding has been postponed?).  I made the pattern up myself but was inspired by several similar patterns I've seen over the years.  The yarn is a mystery, bought in bulk from Jo Sharp's shop but it is similar to her Alpaca Silk Georgette.  I am really pleased with how it came out, the yarn is lovely and light but warm with no fibres that will upset delicate baby skin.

Here is the first square in progress:
I picked up and knit each square onto the previous one so I only had ends to darn in on the end of each row:

Since making this blanket I have learned a better decrease that would have a single ridge through each square (a S2KP if you are wondering - it's in the new Stitch and Bitch book - 'Superstar Knitting' which I highly recommend if you want to learn a bunch of clever new tricks) but I used SSK and K2tog (I can't remember which order, I have it written down somewhere!) on this blanket which gives you the double ridge shown here.

I cannot wait to get on with my sew/knitcation.  My fella is going to Soundwave on Monday (it's a public holiday) and quite possibly Future Music tomorrow so that will give me plenty of time to get started!  Oh, and I just remembered I have a hen's do at the races in April so I will need something to wear to that...Maybe it's finally time to try out one of the Patrones cocktail dresses I've been ogling.

Right, well that's enough from me - off to the sewing room!


Gail said...

It is great to meet up with blogging friends isn't it. Jacquie sews such stylish things so you are in great company. I'm looking forward to seeing the next garden state dress.

Jacquie said...

Hi Josie, it was great meeting you at Potters. Hope you do come along this weekend - it is such a nice group of women and the meetings are great fun. Enjoy your week off -and thank goodness it is (slightly) less interminably hot for it.

Anonymous said...

Wow your friend Jess is really lucky, that blanket is very cute with a modern touch. I can't wait to see your cocktail dress...
I got a Versatile Blog award from magdamagda the other day so I'm passing it on to you to thank you for your inspiration xx

hostess a milano said...

Amazing! That blanket is very cute with a modern touch. Thanks for such good post and I am looking forward to seeing the next dress.
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Latife said...

Harika olmuş, ellerinize sağlık...:))))