Saturday, 15 October 2011

Chevron baby blanket

I made this blanket for my Step-brother and his wife who welcomed their second son a few months ago.  According to my Ravelry page I finished it in June, but I think that is just when I updated my project - I believe I actually finished it some time in April.

I used the stitch from the Colorplay scarf pattern and used 4 colours of 100% wool from Spotlight (I think the brand was Moda Vera or something - very inexpensive for wool). The stripe pattern repeat is ABCDDCBA, which I think is very effective. The pattern is quite straightforward and grows nice and quickly once you get going.

The one down side from using inexpensive wool (or this particular brand anyway) is it shrank when I blocked it so it's probably more like a stroller blanket than a cot blanket.  I think they liked it anyway!


Gail said...

It is very vibrant and nicely made. I still have the crochet rug that my mother made for my eldest daughter 20 years ago.

John Green said...

Beautiful, the colors look great together...