Thursday, 3 November 2011

Summer Affair - Disaster or Silver Lining?

I had planned to post on the weekend but decided a work-in-progress post wouldn't be interesting enough. My beloved 15-year old Burmese Desmo (who has her own special way of helping - which is a lot like not helping) had other ideas and has obligingly given me a story to tell. Happy or sad? I haven't decided yet.

So here is what I was going to show you. I have a bunch of finished projects but no good photos so a very boring image of my 'Summer Affair' blocking on the sewing room floor was the best I have to offer. I have been working on this for ages, it's not an enjoyable knit requiring far more brain power than I can access on a typical evening so it has been slow going.

I finally finished it, pinned to size and spray blocked. Excellent, just the back flounce and edging to do. I had been ignoring a mild niggle about the colour. I do love it and wanted to make something a bit different than the usual neutral/teal/green palette I tend to work from, but I am not sure it's exactly 'me'. I worried I would look sunburned if I wore it. Furthermore, I am not convinced that it would actually be as versatile as what I had promised myself when I started making it. It would be great for a spring/summer wedding but my visions of tossing it on with jeans and a camisole not so much - it's way too fragile.

However, I was committed and I am nothing if not loyal. I invested a lot and intended to finish it.

Enter Desmo (literally).

I inadvertantly left the door to the sewing room open for about 10 minutes and unbeknownst to me, Desmo went in, had a look and decided that after all I shouldn't finish this project. To save me from making the decision she helped me along by hooking the yarn and pulling a giant run across one full row of the lace, right near the beginning. The thread isn't broken but there is no way I would be able to work it back into its proper pattern.

All there is for it is to unpick the whole thing. I'll probably make a scarf or shawl instead, which will probably look nicer anyway.

Thanks Desmo!
(note: this photo is easily 4 years old, I couldn't find a more recent one!)

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Rockelle said...

I feel your pain. After putting off making orange pillow covers for fall, I had finally began cutting. A cheap upholstery fabric, only to be used a few months of the year was laid out on the floor over my cutting mat when I was distracted by the phone and my precious 10 year old snowshoe decided it needed to be peed on. In 3 places. I love my cat. I keep telling myself this.