Sunday, 27 November 2011

A knit for me - Estelle cardigan

Here is another knitting project, this time for me.  It's the Estelle cardigan from Quince and Co.  As you can see I pretty much copied the exact colour as modelled, but I did use a different brand of yarn.  The details are on my Ravelry page if you are interested. Of course I finished this right before the spring started so I have only had a couple of opportunities to wear it, but can't wait for next autumn/winter as I am sure I'll get loads of wear from it.

Estelle is a top-down raglan, which I find works really well for my narrow shoulders. If I knit anything with set in sleeves I have to fasten it at the front or it falls off, but this stays on nicely without my having to tug at it all the time.

I knit the small until and including the rib section.  Immediately below that I needed to increase the size to accommodate my hips.  Rather than work increases down the sides (which can accentuate my pear shape) I worked increases equally all around.  I went up 2 sizes in all.

Next I worked short rows so the centre back was about an inch shorter than the body to account for my sway back.  On me the hem hangs level and there isn't a 'pooch' in my lower back. You can vaguely see the shaping in the close-up below, but it's not that obvious.

Sorry, more headless dummy shots. I am working on it and you will see my smiling mug back again soon I promise! Although I can't promise exotic locations and arty poses - my crappy courtyard and point-and-shoot camera will have to suffice.


gwensews said...

That is some gorgeous knitting! Very pretty sweater.

Jacquie said...

Wow! What beautiful work. Very pretty!