Thursday, 17 January 2008

My next project

Here are the fixings for my next project. I am planning to make Simplicity 3744, view b

but the longer length to disguise my chubby knees. The fabric is a silk cotton blend that I bought at the shop I work at. I'll be lining it in a plain polycotton.

My main concern is that the fabric is very fine and overlocked edges will probably show through to the right side when I press. I don't want to sew the lining to the dress with a jump hem (enclosing any raw edges) because it makes ironing tricky down the track, so what I think I'll do is underline the whole thing. I've pre-washed everything so there shouldn't be any shrinking - I'll just have to cut all the pieces really accurately (I'm normally fairly 'organic').

If all goes to plan I'll cut it out tomorrow or on the weekend, depending on social arrangements. I'll post again when I have some progress to report.

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Sew Shy said...

I have this pattern too, but haven't gotten round to it yet. Looking forward to seeing how your dress turns out!