Saturday, 9 February 2008

Goddess knit dress

I can't believe how long it is since I posted or, more to the point did anything sewing related. I have several good excuses though. Even though the east coast of Australia has had terrible storms and flooding the west coast has been having a heatwave. Everyone is exhausted and cranky and it is impossible to concentrate on anything! Also I have sciatica and it's been playing up pretty badly lately. I think things will improve now as I've left my sewing job at the bridal shop. I'm sad about it but my body can't handle such long hours in one position. I'll still be doing their pattern cutting on a freelance basis and that's the bit I like best anyway. Finally, I've been really busy with Australia Day, friends birthdays, the Big Day Out and assorted other social events...
Anyway, I haven't done anything sewing related for ages so I'll post about a recent project which turned out pretty well. This dress is made from the Threads pattern Simplicity 3678. I've never done much stretch sewing before but since I bought an overlocker with coverstitch I thought I should start. Well, after 3 hours on a Saturday night wrestling with my new toy, I gave up and sewed the seams on my ancient 3-thread overlocker and the hems with a twin needle. I'll work out the coverstitch eventually (I hope).

I didn't do much to the pattern although it did come out huge! I cut a size 10 graduating to a 12 at the hip but I definately didn't need to do that, I'll cut a straight 10 next time. I had to take a chunk out of the centre back, but I often have to as I have a very narrow back. I took it out as a dart down to the bottom of the middriff band and just gahered the skirt back a bit more on this dress but in future I'll take it out of the pattern. Like most people I omitted the facings and turned the neck edges in and twin stitched. I sandwiched in some clear elastic which rippled a bit so I need to experiment a bit more with this technique. I also put clear elastic into the shoulder seams. I'll probably take it in a bit at the skirt sides and shorten it a bit when I get around to it!

I'm really happy with this dress, it's cool and comfy for the summer and washes well. I love the print, it's called 'goddess' but I'm not sure who the supplier is.

Today I'm going shopping for proper pressing tools. I can't believe I've been sewing for 30 years without proper tools! I have a sleeve board but am in desperate need of a ham and a seam roll. I've been doing a bit of fabric shopping for autumn and winter fabrics this week so I should have some interesting things to post about soon, and I have a wedding to go to in May which will require a kick-ass outfit. No progress on the shift dress as yet but I hope this heatwave will end soon and everyone can go back to being normal functioning human beings.

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