Saturday, 16 February 2008

McCall's Tulip Skirt Part One

I've started putting together the skirt I cut out this week. The pattern I'm using is McCall's M5473 view A. Here are some notes on my progress so far...
I didn't make any major alterations to the pattern, I cut a straight size 14. The only change I did make was to cut the centre back slightly off grain to make sure the split hangs straight and closed. I also added a kick pleat because I don't think the back of my knees are up to the scrutiny!

This photo shows my altered back piece. I added 2cm to the centre back line at the hem edge only tapering to nothing at the waist. I have since pinned the pieces together and I think this will be plenty.
I also added an extra vent piece to the split so I can create an underlap.
The only other change I made was to cut a lining using the altered back piece and the front piece (with the side front layed under to create a whole front instead of a front with pocket). I cut off the hem allowances on the lining. I hope this makes sense - it should become clearer as I go through.

I fused interfacing to the yoke pieces. To stabilise the pocket edges and zip opening edges I used fusible seam tape. I've never done this before, I've always stitched in tape to the pocket seam line and not bothered about the zip opening, but am really happy with the results. Since the skirt will be fully lined I decided not to overlock but to trim the edges with pinking shears.

So far I have put the pockets in and sewed the side seams. Next I'll put the yoke on, insert the invisible zip and construct and set in the lining. I'll post again when it's a bit further along.

PS. I've decided on my wedding outfit and bought material so stay tuned for reports on this project.

PPS Please forgive the formatting. I cannot for the life of me work out how to make the spaces between paragraphs even. Grrr!

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