Friday, 15 February 2008

Mostly planning, and some cutting

Finally the heat wave has broken! Apparently Perth has experienced the hottest summer in something like 40 years and, boy have we all felt it. But today is much cooler and I know my brain at least is functioning much better.

It has still been far too hot to even go into my sewing room (no airconditioning in there) but I have cut out a couple of things. First a tulip skirt that I will post on soon and finally I got around to cutting out the Threads shift. I feel all enthusiastic again so I hope this one will finally materialise (no pun intended).

The other project to consume my mind this week is a wedding invitation. I love weddings, I think it's great that in these days of a 50% divorce rate couples still have enough faith in their relationship to make a serious, formal commitment to each other. So now I have to come up with the outfit. The wedding is in May, Autumn for us here in Oz, so it will probably be cool but not cold - therefore either a skirt, top and jacket or dress and jacket will be the go. I personally don't wear trousers to weddings but that's mainly because I wear trousers a lot of the time and I like to wear something different when the occasion calls for it. By the same logic I don't wear black. I like the challenge of coming up with something new and not falling back on the same old combinations. I shouldn't even have to mention it but jeans are OUT, as is denim of any kind - but I have seen people wearing jeans to formal weddings and even funerals lately. Perhaps I'm just old fashioned but I do feel it's an honour to be invited to someone's wedding and out of respect I won't wear casual clothes. Elderly relatives also need to be considered, not to mention the service is in a church so the outfit should be elegant and modest but without being dowdy.
I have some options in mind and I'd like to make at least part of the outfit from my enormous stash. Stay tuned for updates on this one...
But for now I'm off to do some sewing in my lovely cool sewing room!

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