Saturday, 23 February 2008

I'm a Cello - who knew?

A while back I bought the new Trinny and Susannah book 'The Body Shape Bible'. I have most of their books and while I usually take the advice with a grain of salt I think they're generally pretty good. Anyhow, I was having problems deciding whether I was a pear except without the flat chest or a skittle with a big bum. I swung between the two and decided that they are not that different essentially so I'd look at and follow the advice for both. The other night I was surfing the web and came across a link to this body shape calculator. After doing the quiz it turns out I'm actually a cello (except without broad shoulders)! So what does this mean? Accentuate the top half, minimise lower half blah blah blah. It's just more of the same general advice. Not that I'm complaining, I like to see nice outfits photographed on real women - it's a much better source of inspiration than pencil thin models and celebrities.

I am really trying to branch out into new shapes and styles at the moment, I'm so bored of jeans, a-line skirts and fitted t-shirts. I accept that I will have a lot of failures along the way but I'm between sizes so trying on stuff in the shops can only give me the vaguest idea of what a style will look like. If I can find just one new shape or style to wear it will have been worth the effort for me. Plus it'll give me the chance to reduce my embarrassingly huge stash of fabric and I'll be able to donate some really nice garments to friends and the local charity shop.
On sewing news, I've finished the tulip skirt. It looks okay, not great (the style not the sewing's fault!) but it really doesn't work on my dummy so I'll post a picture when I can convince my ever-patient fella to take a photo of me wearing it. On to the Threads shift (finally), and making a toille for the wedding outfit. I'll close with a photo of the fabric I'll be using for it (two types of silk dupion).


claire said...

i am ashamed at my fabric collection too. mostly the number of half (badly) sewn things scrunched into boxes and mum&dad's house! for shame. apparently i'm an hourglass, minus the big boobs tho. i agree with the pencils skirts etc, but they said not to wear cowboy boots! i don't think i look hideous in cowboy boots? haha

Josie said...

At least you're not accumulating sewing machines at the rate I am! I just bought a computer embroidery machine - but I love it. It lifts the foot a little when you stop sewing so you can pivot, has scissors to cut the thread and is almost as fast as a semi industrial. I can't tell you about the beauty of the buttonholes it does plus computer embroidery *joy*. Good luck for your first day at uni! Mwah