Monday, 7 July 2008

I won - sort of

Last Friday night was my work’s mid-year function – a masquerade ball. I didn’t go but I loaned a couple of my costumes to a guy I work with and his girlfriend. Tarryn wore my Victorian lady’s outfit, which was my second year project at WAAPA, and Brett wore my Victorian man’s outfit, my third year project. I’ve never posted these before, as I completed them way before I started blogging and they’ve been under my bed ever since, but it was so nice to see them get some use that I thought I may as well show you all.

The lady’s outfit consists of a corset with hand and machine embroidery on the stomacher, a ruffled bustle, a petticoat with pleated furbelow (the pleated trim around the bottom). The skirt has a piped, scalloped edge and a separate swag with fabric roses and the jacket has bias cut insets, button and loop closure, a mandarin collar and leg-o-mutton sleeves. Tarryn provided her own wig.

The man’s outfit is corduroy tapered pants with a button fly, a crazy patchwork waistcoat (made from scraps of my own clothes!) with welt pockets, and a wool-blend frock coat underlined in calico and tailors canvas. Brett provided his own top hat and boots.

I’m pretty proud of both of these projects and, as a bonus, Brett won best dressed male! He won a bottle of wine which was promptly stolen but c’est la vie!
Here's a couple of clearer pictures taken in the studio at WAAPA and at my graduation parade respectively.


MaryJ said...

very gorgeous costumes. How very talented you are!!

Josie said...

Hi Maryj, Thanks so much. I worked really hard on those pieces and got a lot of pleasure from making them.