Sunday, 20 July 2008

My Pattern Competition - The 2nd Jacket Toile

Here are the alterations I made to the jacket pattern. The red lines indicates what will be removed and the blue paper is what I have added. Actually there were a couple of more tweaks after these photos but my camera batteries ran out .

The front pieces:
And the back pieces:
Finally, the collar pieces (half pieces only):

After a strong talking to (thanks again Sarah) I decided to make another toile. This time I used a nasty shiny stretch suiting that I bought donkeys years ago, when nasty and shiny was the only way stretch suiting came! But at least the weight of it i comparable to my actual fabric. I cut it out whilst half asleep (these days I am generally at least one-quarter asleep!) and failed to notice the nasty shiny suiting had a lengthwise stretch, which meant my toile stretch in the wrong direction! I left off the front bands and just extended the front pieces to meet at the centre front, purely to save time. Still it was enough to check the alterations and decide I am good to go into the fabric with only a couple more tweaks. I won't go into detail as it's really just more of the same - essentially I had to shorten the underarm seam a bit more and take some fullness out of the sleeve.

How is this pattern I found on ebay? I was outbid but I would have loved to buy it. The pattern is very much like the one I’m drafting and I would have loved to be able to compare the two (also the dress is pretty cute!) and it’s in my size too! Ah well, the price went too high and I’m saving for a trip to Melbourne at the moment so maybe next time.

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