Saturday, 18 July 2009

RTW Knockoff Competition - Fabric

Just a quick catchup today as I am trying to fight off a cold before it gets its hooks in. I am travelling well on my RTW knockoff entry, the lining is cut out and I'll cut the main fabric tonight. With luck I'll get a good chunk of sewing done tomorrow. There are still a couple of construction issues I have to work through but I am going to have to work it out as I go.

Here is the fabric, it's a mix of really dark charcoal and ivory threads. The weight is very light and drapey, so I am not sure how it will take a pleat but I do think the drape of it will suit the dress well.
Apparently it is 65% wool and 35% polyester, I'm pretty sure it originated in Asia and I am sceptical as I wouldn't say it was the highest quality suiting I've ever come across but it's not terrible either. I'll have to ask my sister to touch it - she is horribly allergic to wool and can tell instantly if there is any wool content in something.

When I pre-washed it the smell was terrible - like strong petrochemicals, maybe that was insecticide.
My original plan was to add a contrast border around the hem as it looks a bit like the original has some sort of band. I bought a metre of black crepe but decided it looked too heavy with the main fabric. Luckily there is enough to make a skirt from later!

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Rose said...

Your fabric will look great with the dress you are planning. Sorry about the black crepe. I would have thought that it would look great. Good thing that there always are other options.