Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Wardrobe Comp - First four outfits

So here are the first four of forty(!) outfits that will be produced as part of the wardrobe competition. The garments are:

A bit same-y so far I'm afraid, but the best is yet to come. I have finished the ivory tunic and the ruffled blouse (and yes, I did go with the single colour ruffle) so I have another four outfits to photograph as soon as conditions permit. I have also constructed the shell and lining of the jacket and am about to start quilting and trims.
Not only that but I have also finished the February Lady Cardigan, which is being blocked as we speak. I love it, but it took me way too long to finish it! It was only the motivation of a new knitting project that got me to pull my finger out and just get it done!
It's just as well I'm doing okay as I have just received an invitation to a wedding in Pemberton in four weeks. I don't know the people at all (school friends of my fella) so I am putting some effort into coming up with an outfit that says 'Hi, I'm dating your school friend and I want you to think I'm great. Yeah, I am really stylish but I'm heaps of fun too'. I am thinking navy tulip skirt and floaty top with a cute, fitted cardigan for later. Tick tock!!!


Gail said...

You've been very productive. good luck with the rest of the project.

Tamara said...

Great job! I love the teal twist top. The color is beautiful especially on you.