Wednesday, 3 December 2008

And the winner is...


Congratulations Joyce. My trusty photographer/chef/competition moderator/fella picked your name at random from the bowl. Please email me your address details and I'll get the package in the post. I hope you enjoy them.

Sorry to Carla and coolobreeze who missed out this time. Please check back as I will do this again when I have more spare magazines.


Joyce said...

I don't see your email address. Perhaps, I over looked it in my haste. I didn't want to post my address on the comments section.
Thank you,
Joyce in NC

Josie said...

Hi Joyce,
Sorry about that and I wouldn't want you to leave your address anywhere public. I didn't realise my email address was private so I've now fixed that. Just click on my profile and the email address should come up.