Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I love being on holiday

First a big shout out to Danuta who very kindly offered to buy BWOF in Melbourne and post it over to me. In the end I did find a copy, but not at either of my usual suppliers, which is a worry.

Here is a cute and casual skirt I whipped up in about two and a half hours total. I realised that my casual wardrobe has been badly neglected and I was finding it difficult to find clothes I could wear outside the house. Cotton a-line skirts are great in the heat (it's forecast to be in the high 30's today and for most of the week). I used the same Mrs Stylebook pattern that I used to make this skirt.
There is not much to say about this skirt - it was super easy and a cute style. I just topstitched the pockets on this time rather that use the invisible method I demonstrated in the previous post. It's a casual skirt so it wasn't necessary.
I received a terrific gift this week. My gorgeous, clever, talented friend Claire is visiting from Melbourne and brought me these buttons. How cute are they? They are from a designer sample sale (sorry Claire, I've forgotten the name already - it is someone I know of). There are 35. Now I have to come up with a project that will use them all!
I have finished another project and have several on the go (oh, how I love holidays!). I'll post as soon as it's not too hot to model them.


katherine h said...

I love that skirt...love the fabric

claire said...

arabella ramsay! hehe. my you've been busy! i have mostly been busy doing important holiday things like sleeping and seeing nick cave up at mt. buller for the 'all tomorrow's parties' festival (awesome), but have finally started my own blog! still working out formatting but getting there slowly...