Saturday, 27 December 2008

A Plea for Help!

Hi all,

I know I must be the last person in the world that still buys BWOF at the shops, but for various reasons mainly related to a non-standard letterbox and a cranky postie it is not practical for me to subscribe. Anyway, I cannot find the September issue anywhere! By my calculations, it should have been in the shops at the end of November and I have been checking everywhere I know that stocks it since. I asked my newsagent and he said he couldn't remember seeing one for ages either. What I'd like to know from my Australian readers is: Have you seen BWOF 09-2008 at your local newsagent? Or, alternatively do you know of a shipping problem that's holding things up? I am suffering withdrawals, I even have my fella staking out newsagencies just in case a lone copy shows up!

I never realised what an addict I am (hangs head in shame).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Josie

I can understand your addiction to Burda and would like to help you. September issue of BWOF is still at my local newsagent. Usually new issue arrives at the beginning of the month, so if you would like one I can still buy it for you and send it over (I live in Melbourne). Also since I am not a blogger just a lurker and reader of your blog, I do not know how to contact you privately for your address. I would prefer not to disclose my email address openly, but will read your blog for your response.

Kind Regards